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Chasing the songChasing The Song, Shake Russell - 2018
Songlist: Traveling Dog, Never Miss A Chance, Dream Big, Sit With Me, The Wishing Chair, Me And Mark Twain, Grand Daddy's Silver Dollar, New Blue Peace, The Answer Is Love, Sweet Water, You Don't need Me Now, You Wouldn't Know me

cdLittle Bright Band of Light - 2016
Songlist: At the Speed of Love, Pure, Little Bright Band of Light, At Lane's End, Shadow Man, Letters, Songs, and Photographs, The Sailing Angels, Shotgun, All the Way Home, The King of the Honky-Tonk Is Gone, OK, Alright, Good Deal, I Love the Wind, River of Innocence

Little Bright Band of Light Only As Strong As Your Dreams, Michael Hearne & Shake Russell - 2016
Songlist: I Got News for You, I Heart Texas, Only as Strong as Your Dreams, The Girl Just Loves to Dance, Loser's Gumbo, Irish Prayer, You Make the Blues Feel Like a Sunny Day, This Is What Happy Is, The Angel's Share, So Late so Soon, Ballad of the Snow Leopard and the Tanqueray Cowboy


Travelin' Texas Travelin' Texas Collection, Shake Russell - 2014
Songlist: Dare of An Angel, New Boots, Let Love Be True, Will a Blue Bonnet Grow in Tennesee, Sugar Land, Better Make Friends with the Indians, That Wandering Indian, Cajun Cheri, Starlight and Shoestrings, The Girl Just Loves to Dance, Waltzing On the Moor, Cowboy Coffee, All That Remains Undone, Patience, Today's The Day, She's Pretty Blue Today, What This Heart Holds, Vanished, Red Willow Way, Anam Cara.


Live At The Centrum Live At The Centrum, Shake Russell & Michael Hearne - 2014
Songlist: Travelin' Texas, Evergreen, Cowboy Coffee, You've Got a Lover, Two Miles Out of Tucumcari, The Girl Just Loves to Dance, Red Willow Way/ Mary's Come Down From the Mountain, New Mexico Rain, River and the Rain, The Dare of An Angel, Dream Big, The Songwriter, Two Silver Hearts, Today's the Day, Deep In The West, Drift Away.



PURE Pure, Shake Russell - 2014
Songlist: The Dare of An Angel, Let Love Be True, Sugarland, Gentle Heart, No One Leaves Without a Trace, Flying In Love, Love Is Why, The Girl Just loves to Dance, Cowboy Coffee, There's Something in the West Texas Wind, Big Texas Sky, A Friend of All Ages


Little Bright Band of Light What This Heart Holds, Shake Russell - 2009
Songlist: What This Heart Holds, She's Pretty Blue Today, Places In Texas, Ruby, Luna Tara Tango, Save It For Me, Vanished, Dream Big, Anam Cara (My Soul Friend), Edge Of A Dream, Red Willow Way, Bird And Stone, Mary's Down From The Mountain


Love is Why Love Is Why: Shake Russell, 2006
Songlist: Today's The Day, Love Is Why, Upon This Lullabye, Patience Is My Name, Don't Mess Me Up, Nothing Quite As Lonesome, Hank Williams Moon, All That Remains Undone, Bad News, It Was Jesus, Until This Time, Fields Of St. John, Cowboy Coffee, Unfaithful Heart, It Takes The Road, Gentle Heart, Serenade Of Stars, You Will Not Be Forgotten.


Little Bright Band of Light Island Night, Shake Russell & Dana Cooper - 2004
Songlist: Dare of An Angel, Old Fashioned Man, Loving the Life Into Me, World of Hurt, I Am, You've Got A Lover, Great Day In the Mornin', Lean on Your Mind, Mockingbird, Ruby, Sometimes Pretending, Acadian Angel, Rocked in a Country Cradle, Deep in the West, Goin' Down Judah, Fade Away.

Dreaming the Mystery Dreaming The Mystery: Shake Russell, 2000
Songlist: That Wandering Indian; A Moss Covered Rolling Stone; Cajun Cheri; There's Waltzing on the Moor; Gypsy Silver; Something in the West Texas Wind; Starlight and Shoestrings; A Friend of All Ages; Tennessee is Calling; Out on Comanche Trail; Long Before We Were Little, We Were in Love; Our Kind of Love; Kicking up Gold Dust; The Girl Just Loves to Dance.


Let Love be True Let Love Be True: Shake Russell, 1998
Songlist: Wild Blue; Flowers of Texas; Dare of An Angel; New Boots; Deep in the Skyscraper Shade; Let Love Be True; If You Don't Love Her; Will a Bluebonnet Grow in Tennessee?; Mean Mistreator; Without a Trace; Art of Compromise; Let's Talk About Love; Sugarland.


Deep in the West Deep In The West: Shake Russell Collection, 1996
Songlist: Deep in the West; You Wouldn't Know Me; Hard to Find a Smile; You've Got a Lover; Troubles; Two Silver Hearts; Out of Control; Waiting Here For You; True Love; Mother Loves the Radio; How Many Times; River of Innocence; One More Payment; Travelin' Texas; Ballad Of Angus Mustang; Pillow of Stone; Scratchy Ol' Saxophone; Sing Something Pretty; Acadian Angel; Between Your Heart and Mine.

Trill of Love Listen With Your Heart - Shake Russell & Jack Saunders, 1991
Songlist: Listen With Your Heart, Fill Me Up, Hold On To The Light,Loving The Life Into Me, Sing Something Pretty For Me, Saturday Night's For Dancing, Put Yourself In My Shoes, Hold On To Your Heart, Lucky In Love, When You Were Mine, You'd Come Around, Only One Of Many, Going Through the Motions, Ballad Of Angus Mustang

Trill of Love Pilgrim's Highway - Shake Russell & Jack Saunders, 1989
Songlist: Pilgrim's Highway, Long Live Love, How Many Times, Don't Do That, Mother Loves the Radio, Traveling Company, Tyler Rose, One More Payment, House of Cards, I Will Follow You, It's No Secret, River of Innocence

Trill of Love Denim And Pearls - Shake Russell Band, 1988
Songlist: Denim & Pearls, City By City, Travelin' Texas, One Way Ticket, You'd Better Think Straight, Heart Killer, Tears In Your Eyes, Never Me, Never You, Since You Been Away, Take A Chance On Love.


Trill of Love Shake Russell - Dana Cooper Band, 1981 MCA Records
Songlist: Gentle Way To Ride, Deep In The West, Songs On The Radio, Rollin' My Blues, Silver Heart, Fade Away, You've Got A Lover, Waitin' Here, Goin' Down Judah, Out Of Control, Dream Darlin'



Little Bright Band of Light Comin' Home - Shake Russell - Dana Cooper Band, John VanDiver, Michael Marcoulier Band - 1981
Songlist: Jubilation, Nothing But Rain, Ballad of the Snow leopard, Against the Law, When Are You Comin' Home, Touch of New Orleans, In Spite, Don't Look Back, Galavantin' Galveston Gal, Comin' Home, Try


Songs on the Radio Songs on the Radio: Shake Russell, Dana Cooper: 1978, re-issued 2004
Songlist: You Wouldn't Know Me, You've Got a Lover, When Are You Coming Home, Songs on the Radio, Deep In The West, Hard to Find a Smile, Troubles, Pretty as a Picture.



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